Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yates County passes resolution against gas storage in the Town of Reading, NY!

In a 12-2 vote, Yates County Legislature passes a resolution against gas storage on the Western Shore of Seneca Lake.

Following over 45 minutes of public comment from residents of the county and others within the region, all speaking passionately in opposition of gas storage citing risks to health, safety, economy, and way of life, legislators had a short discussion and voted against Crestwood Midstream's proposed gas storage facilities in the town of Reading, NY.

One legislator stated: "This is not a vote in favor of Gas Free Seneca, this is not a vote against Schuyler County, this is a vote for Seneca Lake".

Following the vote, the legislature received a standing ovation, and several members of the audience embraced.  The Yates County legislature had written a "letter of concern" about the proposed projects in April of 2013, while all other counties surrounding the lake (with the exception of Schuyler) had drafted official resolutions in opposition to the proposed projects.  

This resolution leaves Schuyler as the sole County around the lake with a narrowly passed resolution in favor of the projects.  

Schuyler County Chairman Dennis Fagan has ties to the oil and gas industry and to Crestwood Midstream itself. According to the DC Bureau, "The company he had founded, Fagan Engineers,has done extensive work with companies involved in oil and gas production and pipelines. Fagan recently sold his firm to his brother and other partners, but he said he continues to receive payments from them as part of the sales agreement. Fagan Engineers is currently building a facility 15 miles south of Watkins Glen for Access Midstream, a joint venture partner with Crestwood in a Wyoming project valued at well over $100 million.”

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