Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where Fracksylvania Dumps Its Waste

 Turns out to be in New York state, in addition to Ohio, where Fracksylvania’s toxic radioactive frack sludge is too hot to handle – so the Ohio landfills can’t take it.  Because shale is radioactive, drilling horizontally through it and bringing the drill cuttings and contaminated drilling fluids (“mud”) back to the surface is basically mining radioactive material. Then fracking it with a few million gallons of toxic fluid is “solution mining” the radioactive and toxic materials out of the shale – in the form of flowback – which is either recycled, which concentrates the toxic radioactive materials, or processing it into a toxic radioactive sludge.  Then there is the backflow of frack sand – fine silica, which of course what causes sillicosis. All of which the fracking gasholes have to get rid of somewhere . . . like a landfill. Or a dirt road. Or a trout stream.  

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