Friday, February 10, 2012

DEP Fines Chesapeake Appalachia $565,000 for Multiple Violations 
....Chesapeake paid $190,000 as part of a consent order and agreement after the operator lost control of a well head during hydraulic fracturing of the Atgas 2H Well in Leroy Township, Bradford County, on April 19, 2011. Fluids from the well mixed with rainwater and entered a nearby unnamed tributary to Towanda Creek and Towanda Creek itself....
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According to an article in Bloomberg News, Chesapeake’s net income for the second quarter of 2011 alone was 467 million. 


  1. It appears that your reporting of profits by a corporation that does gas and oil work is to be viewed as a bad thing? Without their work you would not be driving to work and the grocery store. Get real and get your heads out of the sand. Fracking in and of itself, if properly controlled and monitored has not been proven to be a bad thing. Read old Arch Merrill books from he '40's, especially "A River Ramble", when he walked and reported his experiences along the length of the Genesee River. In the late 1800's oil was king in the western southern tier and many areas were quite polluted due to non-existent environmental controls, etc. Water was reported to taste like oil, etc. Over time it was cleaned up and it appears no one was the worse for it. No long-range birth defects, etc. as the anti-frackers purport will happen today. Today's oversight is much improved. We wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for oil.

  2. Tell that to the residents of Dimock Pensilvania who must constantly flight for their right to receive water from one agency after another, because of contamination the Pensilvania supreme court ruled was caused by Cabot energy Fracking gas wells. And we'd be probably be allot better off if old Rockefeller hadn't squashed biofuels from the get go 100 years ago.

  3. Proven safe huh? Where's your proof? Accidents happen in every industry. Are you really suggesting that if there's an accident in hydrofracking there won't be severe environmental problems? I'd prefer a 21st energy solution that can deliver energy sustainably with no potential for harm.

    Furthermore Geezerglider, we're talking apples and oranges here. Oil drilling is one type of technology and horizontal hydrofracking is another one. I can't deny that oil got us to where we are today but this is the 21st century and it's time for 21st century energy solutions. As an upstate resident and parent I'm concerned by the many chemicals ( 18 pages! ) that go into the process of fracking a well and how those chemicals might impact my small children should those chemicals find their way into my water supply. Will the gas companies clean up their environmental trespass should it occur? I don't have any confidence that they will.

    I'm also concerned about the industrialization of the beautiful countryside I've settled into and decided to start an organic farm. I don't want the 24/7 trucking traffic and sounds and smells of drilling in what is now a quiet & peaceful place. I think that I have every right to ban a process that I feel will threaten my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness impacted by my neighbors' gas leases and drilling.