Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Regarding Disputed Moratoriums

The purpose of a moratorium is to provide time to review your zoning, road use laws, etc. and make the necessary amendments. Written into the moratorium language should Also be a start date, commencing when the DEC finalizes the SGEIS, meaning that the moratorium would be enacted when leasing can begin. This does not mean the moratorium cannot be drafted and passed, these things should be done now so as to have it ready when the SGEIS is finalized. As for the moratoriums being indefensible, if drafted correctly, their is no evidence they will be ineffective, Dryden is being sued for a BAN, and will most likely win. There are lawyers devoting their lives to this, and one of the best examples of their work is the TOWN OF JERUSALEM Moratorium, which is available on the FFG website and should be directly consulted if not directly copied by any town considering a moratorium. The ENFIELD LEGAL FORUMS are also an invaluable resource and will thoroughly answer any legal questions that may arise. Please take heart and have confidence, we will beat the frackers.
In solidarity

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