Sunday, November 20, 2011


Our Ohio allies are truly under siege and are asking for our help.
Ohio is getting all the frack waste that Pennsylvania makes but does not allow to be dumped in PA. Now there’s a huge industry push to lease land in OH and take away people’s rights to protect themselves from harm.
This event is a protest in response to a huge industry conference being held on 11/30, when industry will be gleefully divvying up the anticipated spoils. Ohio needs a huge presence on the other side and as much media and public attention as possible.
Our Ohio friends would be grateful for our help in displaying interstate solidarity in defying this corporate-state usurpation of their rights to, among other things, not be poisoned.
If you can help organize NY or PA folks to go to Youngstown and show a groundswell of support for No Frack Ohio and the many other groups (see poster attached) who are cosponsoring this event, please help out.
Youngstown is about 6.5 hours from Philadelphia, 1:45 hours from Erie, 1:15 hours from Pittsburgh,
3 hours from Buffalo, 4 hours from Geneseo, 4.25 hours from Rochester, 6 hours from Binghamton, 5.5 hours from Ithaca, 7.5 hours from NYC.
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Registration also at:
Facebook event page:
Your help is needed to get the word out about the Nov 30 anti-fracking action organized by and for Ohio citizens. Please share the attached flyer (also pasted below) with friends and neighbors and encourage them to come by bus, carpool or any other way to stand with fellow Ohioans in Youngstown on Nov 30th.
The drilling industry is moving aggressively to gather more and more leases, they’re spending big dollars on slick tv and radio ads, and now they’re pressuring ODNR to take away even more local community rights.
·         The oil and natural gas industry helped write HB 278. This law took away local control so that zoning laws no longer apply to fracking.
·         The oil and natural gas industry pushed through SB 108 and HB 133 so now fracking can take place in all of our state parks, state nature preserves, and university lands.
·         7 of our federal environmental laws exempt fracking and drilling activity from EPA regulation.
·        Toxic fracking waste from New York and Pennsylvania is coming to our beautiful state of Ohio and being injected underground.
On November 30th they’re holding their first Ohio industry conference in Youngstown – a day for companies interested in getting in on the gas and oil extraction business in our state.  A day of protest, learning, and building relationships for anti-fracking action has been organized concurrent with this industry expo

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