FrackFreeGenesee's Informational Pamphlet


On Home Rule


Natural gas from fracking could be 'dirtier' than coal, Cornell professors find

Tompkins County Community Impact statement

Gas and Oil well data base for NYS (the ones we know about)

Methane and the Greenhouse-Gas Footprint of Natural Gas from Shale Formations 

Feds Link Water Contamination to Fracking for the First Time

EPA Finds high Levels of Benzene in Wyoming Aquifer 

Home Owners and Gas Drilling Leases: Boon or Bust?

Informational Maps for the Geneseo Area by Ben Wunder

Informational Maps for the Dansville Area by Ben Wunder

List of chemicals used in fracking fluid

Local Officials Expose Their Town to Unnecessary Risk

Map of current Hydrofracking bans, moratoriums, and resolutions

Methane Contamination in Drinking Water from Hydrofracking

Moratorium for the Town of Jerusalem

A Sampling of Municipalities and Key Organizations in Varied Locations Opposed to Hydrofrack Drilling

A sample of what the are gas companies are telling our kids about hydrofracking.

Wide Area Informational Maps for The Finger Lakes Region by Ben Wunder

We've seen heavy industry mess up before, Effects of the 1994 Retsof Salt Mine Collapse

Newspaper Articles Showing the Dangers of Fracking

Powerful Pipes, Weak Oversight pipelines in P.A.

With U.S. Natural Gas Booming, a Move to Send It Overseas

ncreased crime near fracking

Gas Wells and Mortgage Conflict

The Great Natural Gas Export Swindle

Polluting Surface Water

Recycling Wastewater?

U.S. Government Confirms Link Between Earthquakes and Hydraulic Fracturing

What Killed Dunkard Creek? Residents in Pennsylvania and West Virginia say fracking is to blame.

Where's the regulation?

Tools for Presenters

Fracking Presentation, please read the note enclosed